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Flexible 5th generation Cloud & Mobile technology HR solution designed to simplify tasks for HR teams, administrators, and employees. Dynamic Work Delegation, Workload Balancer, cognitive Alerts and Notification and Work Progress Tracker are the highlights of HRSERP

Facial Recognition Services

Facial Recognition

AHALTS Exact facial recognition algorithm and fast implementation ensure this is the ideal solution for corporate and governmental security needs.

I am solution

IAM solution

Ahalts FZCo Platform IAM solutions for Application, Users, Employee , Customer , Devices and Business Users with advanced 5th generation Identity and Access Management


AI & Microservice Platform

"Secure, Efficient Access to Empower Your Business“
  • Unified Identity and Application Management for streamlined user access.
  • Advanced Authentication using AI, face recognition, biometrics, and NFC to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Hierarchical and Privilege Access Controls to protect sensitive data.
  • IoT Device Management and Single Sign-On for seamless user experience.
  • API Management Platform with AHALTS integration to expand your business.
  • Compliance Monitoring and Security Enhancements to meet regulatory needs. 5th Generation Biometric Terminals for precise identity verification.
  • Smart Office Automation using Thermal Cameras and Intelligent Kiosks.

HR Management

"Optimize Employee Lifecycle from Hire to Retire.“

  • One-click Employee Onboarding/Offboarding to simplify transitions.
  • HR Compliance and Document Management to keep records in check.
  • Advanced Time and Attendance Systems with Facial Recognition for accuracy.
  • Chat & Notification Systems for better employee communication.
  • AI Cognitive Shift and Exit Management to handle workforce changes.
  • Travel and Expense Management for seamless reimbursement.
  • Comprehensive Leave and Performance Management to support growth.
  • Complete Payroll Systems to streamline salary distribution.

Action & Business Management

"Boost Productivity and Efficiency Across All Operations.“
  • HRS-ERP for streamlined enterprise resource management.
  • Saarthi AI BOT and Intelligent Content Management System (CMS) for enhanced automation.
  • Knowledge Management System (KMS) and Learning Management System (LMS) to maximize knowledge retention.
  • Business Model Simulation and Management for Strategic Decision-Making.
  • Operation Resource Planning to control core business activities.
  • Role and Skill Optimization to improve workforce allocation.
  • Performance and Appraisal Management for motivating staff.
  • Customizable Activity Management Solutions to meet your unique needs.

Learning & Knowledge Management

  • Geofencing and Real-Time Employee Tracking for better workforce management.
  • Comprehensive Notification System for alerts and updates. .
  • Pay Slips and Employee Benefits for transparency and satisfaction.

Workforce Management

"Helping your teams to be at right place at right time for  Precision performance“
  • Attendance Marking and Shift Management to keep operations smooth.
  • Advanced Missed Attendance Correction for accurate records
  • User Registration and Profile Management to ensure efficient onboarding.
  • Integrated Leave Management System to balance workload.
  • Attendance and Work Assignment Reporting to analyze productivity.

Solutions (TipTopOffice)

"Innovative Solutions for Modern Workplace Collaboration.“

  • Advanced Mailing and Chat to simplify team communication.
  • Secure Document Storage and Easy Access Solutions for efficient data management. .
  • Personalized Workspace Configurations to enhance productivity.
  • Integrated Custom ERP Solutions for streamlined operations.
  • Business Activity and Performance Management Software to monitor progress.
  • Intelligent Collaboration Tools for Effective Teamwork.
  • Compliance and Security in Software Solutions for peace of mind.

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Service Industry

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About Face Attendance and Time Tracking Tools

Face attendance tools, also known as facial recognition attendance systems or facial biometric attendance systems, are software applications / hardware devices that use facial recognition technology to track and record employee attendance. These tools capture and analyze facial features of individuals to verify their identities and record their presence in a particular location or organization. Facial attendance software help in business automation and improve productivity.

Automate your business with our cloud base face attendance tools, get report on daily, weekly or monthly basis. Our face attendance tools offer high accuracy in identifying and verifying individuals. Facial recognition technology analyzes unique facial features, such as the distance between the eyes, the shape of the face, and other distinguishing characteristics, to ensure accurate identification. 

Ahalts's face attendance systems automate the attendance tracking process. Instead of manually signing in or using traditional methods like swipe cards or punch clocks, employees can simply have their faces scanned to record their attendance. This saves time and eliminates the need for additional hardware or paperwork. Our facial attendance tool is cloud based software and so there are not any geographical boundation, track employee attendance from any where in world.

Facial biometrics provide an additional layer of security compared to traditional attendance methods. It is difficult for someone to impersonate another person by using their face, making it harder for employees to engage in fraudulent attendance practices like buddy punching (when an employee clocks in on behalf of another). Face attendance tools can handle a large number of users simultaneously, making them suitable for organizations of all sizes. Whether you have a small team or a large workforce, facial recognition systems can efficiently manage attendance records.

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